Foundation Years at YPS Mohali, is where it all begins for young hearts. One of the most sought after kindergarten in Chandigarh tri-city, with age group starting at 3 years, it is standing strong on the pillars of discipline, knowledge, integrity and honesty. Experienced and seasoned staff works effortlessly towards building up a strong and formidable base for the toddlers, standing on which their desired and beautiful future would shine bright. 
When a child and parent walk into the Foundation Wing at YPS Mohali, they are welcomed and received by trained and experienced teachers, who understand the bewilderment of parents. Orientation program before the commencement of the session is designed to interact with parents and to give them confidence that they are there in this journey of their loved one.
One of the major plus points is the teacher child ratio. We have 25 children in each section with an attendant to assist the child in every possible way. The mother teacher concept ensures every child is given personal attention by every faculty member who is trained and abreast of all latest practices. 
Eagerly waiting to be at school everyday , the tiny tots spend 4 hours from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for five days a week. They are provided with a healthy snack and lunch during the break. State of the art, contemporary and smart classrooms, with colourful furniture and soft boards, makes it easier for the children to adapt to it.
The curriculum for Foundation Years is well thought over and designed on the principles of NEP which is play and activity based, providing holistic learning and balanced growth. Innovative methodology of teaching, makes learning a fun activity. Story telling sessions are the most effective teaching strategy for young learners in the Foundation Years, for that we have fully equipped libraries, which we call “Discovery rooms”, made for children of each level.
Concept of Value education, providing moral values, inculcating the sense of good humanitarian and a responsible citizen is imbibed in the young children.
Structured play, special assemblies and role plays, makes it intriguing for children and make them completely involved in the activities, hence giving them hands-on experience. Games, Music and Art are an integral part of school curriculum.
Imparting life skills through articulately designed activities makes YPS kindergarten stand apart from the rest.
Ensuring safety measures in our well-designed play area, swimming pool, large playground, makes it a place to be for the toddlers.
Children acquire the required skills for smooth transition to the next class. Formal exams and competitions are not conducted to promote healthy all rounded growth. They are monitored and guided at regular intervals. 
Spectacular Athletic Meet, Annual Show and Kinder Artists Day is organized to exhibit their skills by the end of the session .
The Foundation Years at YPS Mohali, teaches children to dream, to desire, to wish and then inspire them to believe in themselves to move and settle in regular schooling in Class 1 with confidence.