Outbound-Treks & Tours

School travel is essential to child's education. Treks, educational tours and trips both in India and abroad are a regular feature on our calendar. The occasion to explore new geographies and various cultures always paves the way to broaden our mind, induce fresher thought processes. These outbound  trips provide our students with great opportunity and exposure to learn in an informal environment, while building long-lasting relationships with other students and teachers. These have a positive impact on their personal development, building their confidence as they are taken out of their home environment and comfort zone.
The world is a global village. International tours help our Students get exposure to different cultures, traditions, food, languages and ways to see the world; encouraging understanding, appreciation for other nationalities and diversity. International Tours and expeditions to prominent locations abroad are held once or twice a year and are voluntary.
Treks are a much longed for and a compulsory and enjoyable experience for the students. Once a year boys and girls from Class IV to XII move to the hills on treks. They come into direct contact with nature and learn to observe, appreciate and collect botanical and geological specimens. They also develop their photography skills. Adventure sports and camps are an important feature of our School curriculum.
Field trips build in children a different level of excitement and fun. It gives them something to look forward to. These allow students to interact with what they are learning. Field trips to historical sites, museums, places in and around are frequent. These are generally held batch wise or class wise and also for Boarders.