Process for Enrollment

Enrollment begins in the month of November (for the next Academic Year starting April). The schedule for enrolling new Students for different classes is as follows:-
NSY 14 November onwards Selection on the basis of draw system
LKG to IX Class IV: 14 November onwards, Other Classes: January onwards Selection on the basis of merit subject to availability of seats
XI Post Board examinations. Selection on the basis of merit subject to availability of seats


The process for enrollment is as follows:-


1. The Student is required to register by downloading and filling in the Registration form and submitting the same with all requisite documents along with the stipulated Registration Fee. Registration does not imply any guarantee of admission. Visit Registration page for further details.

2. Post registration, admission to Class NSY is based on draws and admission to other classes is based on vacancies. Parents will be notified the dates for draw and admission. 

3. Post selection, Student will be required to furnish all remaining documents to complete the admission process. 

4. Enrollment to Boarding House is from Class IV onwards and is open to both Boys and Girls. 

5. Visit the Admission criteria page for all admission related information. 

6. Download School Registration Form from the respective links.