Residential Life

A boarding school aims to inculcate in its students the character, values and skills they will need to do well in life. We at YPS strive to make our boarders accomplished all-rounders who are ready to face the challenges of the future by teaching them the importance of self-discipline, personal grooming, etiquettes, responsibility, compassion, tolerance and respect. The skills needed to live independently are developed and nurtured in the Boarding House, leading to an emotional bonding that lasts throughout the student lives.

Boarders are divided into Junior and Senior Houses i.e. Ajit and Chandragupta respectively. Students are associated with the running of the Houses as Captain and House Prefects.

The ethos of a boarding house seeks to inculcate ethics and positive values which may last for a lifetime. Here at YPS, our boarding house helps to foster a constructive lifestyle by embracing the essence of “VIDYA VINAY VEERTA”. Our boarding house aims to provide ideal lodging conditions along with an environment that is secure for budding minds. The boarding house prepares the boarders with a routine that they can carry forward in their life.

A regular day in the life of a YPS boarder starts early in the morning with physical exercise. Once the day’s classes are over, it’s time to take advantage of the numerous sports facilities offered by the school. Evenings are spent studying or practicing for various co-curricular events and the time after dinner is taken up by recreational activities.

A break in the academic calendar provides the perfect opportunity for an educational tour or a fun trip to the mall. All these activities and outings ensure that the students live each day to the fullest as they learn from and help each other, celebrate birthdays together, and cheer and support their friends through times of trouble and joy in the true public school spirit. They also savour the monthly outings and look forward to the annual boarding trip.