School Leadership

Education is not a destination but a journey of discovery, introspection, and interrogation, a journey full of hope and endless possibilities. What is learned in school depends far less on what is taught than on what one experiences there. When an inquisitive mind starts to question the outcomes, the learning becomes more experiential and rewarding.
Education at YPS, Mohali, promises a unique blend of traditional and modern ways. Seeped into a rich legacy of royal patronage, imbibing the values of ‘Vidya’, ‘ Vinay’, ‘ Veerta’, and continuing the spectrum with an advance-aged technology-driven education, gives a holistic edge to every Yadavindrian. The steady climb up is a result of the right mentoring, dedicated staff, and modern infrastructure, necessary for an ideal learning environment.
I am sanguine, that important milestones in the field of education can be easily achieved with the efforts of our competent and highly motivated staff. We constantly attempt to foster motivation by injecting variety and creativity into the teaching-learning process, for we are teaching in a different time, for a different time!
Maj Gen TPS Waraich VSM** (Retd.)