State of the Art Labs

The School has state of the art labs which include Discovery rooms in the Kindergarten and Junior wing and Science Labs in the Senior Wing.
Following the adage 'catch them young', the Discovery Rooms in the pre-primary and primary wings are dedicated to developing an inquisitive aptitude in our students. Extensive use of manipulative and sensory play activities makes learning fun and an engaging experience. It's a perfect place to ignite their cognitive skills. It acts as a launch pad for working in various labs when they go to the Senior Wing. 
The Physics laboratory  is one of the most well equipped labs in Chandigarh region. 40 students can work independently in the lab with individual apparatus. The tables have in-built connections for electricity so that children have easy access to it. The lab is fully safe against all kinds of accidents.
The School has a well equipped chemistry lab. In terms of equipment and chemicals, the lab can easily be considered as equivalent to college labs. The flooring is acid proof and there is a fume cupboard used for gas apparatus. Best safety equipments have been installed in the lab which makes it a safe station to explore chemistry.
The Biology lab is well illuminated, ventilated and fully equipped with latest instruments and apparatus meeting the ICSE and ISC standards. Demonstrations for various topics of Biology are done for the clarity of the concepts which leads to better understanding of the subject which facilitates and guides the students to keep abreast with the latest research and developments.