A Yadavindrian lives by the school motto: VIDYA, VINAY, VEERTA. The principles of Wisdom, Virtue and Valour which form the core of our education and value system are instilled into all Students.

Our vision is to equip the students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become worthy citizens of free India, to zealously guard and retain its noble traditions and make progress in a modern and scientific way. 

YPS is not just a School, it's a way of life, where the students are animated by a passion for learning, furthered by the sense of inquisitiveness, healthy competition and service to community, instilled by accomplished staff and facilitated by the safe, caring and stimulating learning environment, within and beyond the classroom. Efforts are so directed as to develop a well-balanced personality.

The School develops qualities of initiative, teamwork and leadership in students who are disciplined, have an educated mind and spirit, and hence are best suited to serve their country, best fitted to lead others and are best trained to fulfil their own dreams and aspirations. 

Our endeavour is to create global citizens whose horizons extend beyond their geographical realms and whose emotional quotients enrich their academic lives with values of wisdom, virtue and above all valour. We want the development of each child to be such that it caters to today’s dynamic world. We sensitise and equip our students to fit into this technologically driven world.