Visual & Performing Arts

An education in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts helps to develop engaged, creative, expressive, responsive, and artistically literate individuals. Visual and Performing Arts provide an important balance in the total education experience. The School lays a lot of emphasis on Visual and Performing Arts. Exhibitions and performances are a regular feature in School events.
Art and craft is an integral part of the School curriculum from Kindergarten to XII. At YPS, children are given an open space to manoeuvre a paintbrush and dabble in the world of imagination and self expression. The endeavour is to create an atmosphere which encourages spontaneous expression, stimulates creativity and helps develop the child's experience with nature into art. The elements of art, shape and form are introduced and children explore different methods and use their creativity to bring out amazing works of art. Children learn different techniques of painting, handling plaster of paris, needlework and paper machie' in the Art and Craft lessons. Experimentation and the use of various material and methods are encouraged. Art and Craft exhibitions are held regularly where children display their own imagination in varied ways, learn to work in a team, follow instructions and foster their own creative self. Art is provided as an optional teaching subject for Classes IX to XII.
Music – both Indian and Western are part of the curriculum and all cocurricular activities from Kindergarten to Class XII. It is also offered as an optional teaching subject for Classes IX to XII. Children learn different instruments like Sitar, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Tabla, Congo, Violin, Plate Tarang, Banjo, Santoor, Guitar and Drums. Along with nuances of 'sargam', 'taal', rhythm and beat, the students learn various forms of singing. Vocal exercises, training and performance on stage help the students train and develop their skills. Children learn poems and songs, follow the rhythm and enhance their word stock. The School choir is the musical face of the School in all its celebrations. Along with that various competitions and special assemblies are organized from time to time to make children familiar with the rich musical culture of India and the world.
Performing Art and Drama at YPS provides an exceptional opportunity to the young learners to express themselves and to explore a variety of emotions. It also builds their confidence as well as public speaking skills. Activities in the classes include improvisation sessions, role plays, valuebased storytelling and mime that teach life skills to children and enhance their imagination. Plays are a regular part of School functions and assemblies. The School is famous for the annual plays it stages at Tagore theatre.
During the dance classes the children are taught to put their best foot forward and develop a sense of rhythm. They learn to discipline their body and mind through basic steps of dance. Learning about 'mudras' and practicing yoga helps the child to develop flexibility. Performances on various occasions instills confidence and also provides exposure to and respect for the diversity in Indian culture.