Thursday, July 06, 2023
In June 2023, a cohort of students from YPS embarked on a Scholastic cum Exchange tour to France. The tour encompassed visits to Geneva, Switzerland, where they explored the Broken Chair and Mahatma Gandhi monument at the UN Headquarters. They also took part in a guided audio tour at the International Committee of Red Cross, acquiring knowledge about the repercussions of wars on humanity. After relishing the scenic exquisiteness of Lake Leman and Rolex garden, they delved into the realm of science at CERN.

The students then journeyed to Grenoble, admiring the regal splendour of the Alps from Bastille and acquainting themselves with the city's historical landmarks. A visit to SEPR Lycee in Lyon proffered insights into vocational training and fostered cultural exchange. The students' vivacious Punjabi dance performance left an indelible impression on the school staff, who duly recognized their active participation in the Exchange Program.

In Paris, the students marvelled at the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city's opulent architecture. They revelled in the delights of Disneyland and enjoyed shopping at Galeries Lafayette. The tour culminated with some students visiting ESMOD, a prestigious fashion institute, while others indulged in leisurely street shopping before departing.
Overall, the tour proved to be an unequivocal success, augmenting the students' global perspective and enriching their educational experience through profound cultural immersion.